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Wu Zetian
- The one and only empress in the history of China
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Wu Zetian ( 624-705 ) is a brilliant empress and politician in the history of China.

Since the childhood, Wu Zetian is beautiful, intelligent and determined, besides, she knows well the literature and the History. At the age of 14 she is summoned by the emperor Tang Taizong in its palace and becomes one of her common law wives.
When Taizong died, by custom, she is sent as the others to a temple and where she remained a nun. Gaozong, the son of Taizong, being in love for a long time, two years after his succession he makes Wu Zetian return. Soon he dismisses the queen and puts Wu Zetian in her place.

Since become a queen, Wu Zetian helps Gaozong to manage the court, she takes advantage of it to eliminate certain Ministers who show themselves against her. Because of problem of health, Gaozong, seeing that Wue Zetian is very competent, he thus confides her of the administration affairs, consequently, the power of Wu Zetian increases more and more.
At that time Gaozong and Wu Zetian are called " Two Divine ", what means two emperors.

In 683, to the death of Gaozong, Wu Zetian manages the court as ruler. In 690, Wu Zetian changes the name of the dynasty as "Zhou" and becomes officially the empress. From then on, she continues to develop the policy of production of Taizong, and to promote talents. The policy and the economic of the dynasty of Tang manage again to develop during her administration.

Empress : Wu Zetian

On the other hand, the employment of her relatives and her close relations in the important posts, the constructions of temples without counting, her fascination in the Buddhism which are the causes of suffering of the people. Before her death, Wu Zetian is forced to give up the throne to her son under the pressure of the Ministers. And the dynasty of Tang resumes its course.

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