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The Happiness

The moment to take a break is to appreciate - Lilicat

(Lilicat has this page translated from Chinese to English - a hard job!)

In the Alpes there's a very scenery route
where stands a sign:"Walk slowly, appreciate!"

The modern human beeing seems to be too
occupied, so many people lives busy in this
hustling world, just like the journey in the Alpes,
where we pass by car in a hurry,
no time to turn around or
slow down our steps to appreciate the scenery.
Thus, we make this world originaly rich with beauty,
nothing to our eyes.
What left are precipitation, anxiety, stress and worry.

A singer from Hollywood,
expressing his feelings, once said, "
When I was young, I hurried myself to reach the top,
like a race horse, wearing the earpiece,
dash forward,
it sees nothing but the white finish line.
Ma grandmother seeing me so hasty told me
with care," My son,
don't walk so fast or else, you'll miss
the nice scenery on your way!"
I didn't listen to her, thinking : an individual person,
knowing where leads the way, why he wastes
his time to stop?
I went on forward, the years go by,
I've the social status, the renown,
the fortune and a family that I love so much.
However, I'm not happy as the others else,
not knowing where did I go wrong?"
This famous singeur continued, "Once,
a band of musiciens has put on a show,
I was the first star, when the show was finished,
the applause lasted for a long time.
That was a success, we were delighted.

But at the same time, someone passed a telegram
to me, sent by my wife,
Suddenly, I felt sorry, for the birth of each child,
I wasn't at home.
My wife, all alone, take care of bringing up
our children.

I've never seen the first step of my chidren,
their cries, their innocent laughters,
that I've never heard,
only by the indirect descriptions from their mother.
I remembered the words of my grandmother...
Indeed, I became estranged from my friends too,
I havn't touched a book
since a long time ago,
not looked at the plants in the garden.
I've promissed my wif to take her on vacations,
always cancelled because of my occupations.
A philosopher said, "Only thinking without action,
not allows to live, but our life keeps on
turning like a machine, it's less significent.
It's not necessary to organize each day plentely,
we should keep, somehow, a space
to appreciate the nice sceneries around us.
How to be our own master, this is essential.
advance when we want ;
discover the fun as we desire,
appreciate what worths to be kept.
Since we have the chance to be,
should behave ourselves as a traveller,
not just to make the path
for ending up our journey,
for more, to know appreciate, to stay.
Walking is to reach to another stage ;

stop, to appreciate our live.

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